about françois gremaud

 i've always loved building bridges. when i was a child they were made with kapla and lego. then i grew up. it's not i gave up to play no, i simply wanted other games. i wanted to build bridges between brains and hearts. so i've started to write and to make movies. trying to tell something. trying to show something. trying to clear paths between human beings.

graduated with mention for personnal implication from school of arts and medias of caen, france, in 2016, i see myslef more as an audio-visaul artist than a movie director. i like working alone on videos bringing together my pleasure of travels and wanders with the questions that rise sometimes in my brain. behind my camera; microphones and computers i try to create a world. no it's more like marking out my own relation to the world, between dreams, contemplation and philosophical landscapes. deep inside i guess i'm looking for the trenscendence, for something higher than myself. but as i'm don't believe in god, i canonly write stories, live them and trying to make people live them too.


usually on page like this, one must say every price he won, every slection in festival to show how important he is and to make people believe in him. for my part i'll let you discover all this at your own rythm in the pages of this website. i guess you can do you own list of movies that quicken your heart. i hope you'll enjoy your time here and that my projects will hlep you to discover some territories still unknown that lay between your hearts and brains :) and if you still want to know more about me, i guess you'll find some clue in my creations but i'm never against a pint of beer, around a table or through skype !


to contact me, just go to the page /contact