i met gaëlle on a stage, she was studying theater at that time. she was under the light, i was in a middle of thunderstorms and tempests. i must admit i don’t really remember how we finally talked about documentaries, moving pictures and the collective territoire émergents. but whatever, she was the first one to follow me on that project and to give it strength.


explorer of the human and its memory, she draws maps to understand, understand herself, find the key of lost or well preserved memories. to theater she adds movie direction and editing and she now walks at the border of different medias and artistic fields.


first collective experiment, these correspondences are still in progress through the hazard of time. they melt through our editing softwares, our experiments and thoughts and build a narrative through the back and forth between our hearts and brains.



video serie with gaëlle guérin

work in progress started in 2015