video serie with

 gaëlle guérin et arno momče

work in progress

there was a time we were link to the earth, powerfully to the territory. That was the basis. People who were sharing the same soil were united by it. since two centuries men dug farer and farer. the earth collapses under our feet so we have to try to float upon it together creating new links.


territoires émergents is a collective of nomades, wanderers, walkers lead by the desire to do art together. one day here, there the next. holding out our hand upon the frontiers we’re going forward. through virtual and concrete worlds. we draw photographic, cinematographic, textual territories to explore together, to discover together, to create together. it’s a whole world of possibilities we have to emerge.


the correspondences are composed in that spirit. series of video sent between members of the collective but adressed to every one.