things that quicken the heart

with the complicity of aoki akiharu

10'20'', hd video, stereo, 2017

screened during the collective exhibition on s'écrit goodbye,

november-december 2017, espace 102 ter, caen, france.


once again it's a movie made of fragments, suspended moments that have no meaning outside of themselves and together create a score.  in french the word for score is : partition ; it's a nice word: partition, which comes to say at the same time the state of what is separated but which is also the name of all the notes of music which, once played, will raise a concerto. or a cantata. or a simple little air. it is the state of things which would be disjointed but which are part of the same whole. these are the beads of a rosary, the pieces of memory that make us, the things that move us to make the heart beat.


the words here are incarnated in a written conversation on the screen - echoing the long-running conversations i've had with aoki akiharu and who composed the text all who wander are not lost, end-of-cycle mémoire at the school of arts and media caen-cherbourg. conversations are moments of epiphanies, those moments when words that one had never formulated take shape in the ears and heart of another. and he answers. it is a profound act of humanity: listening and participation.


to make a movie is in a word the same thing: listening to the world and participating in it, whether in the act of filming,editing or screening. and finally I wonder if, more than giving sense of things, we are not only the vehicle of what they mean. we do not give meaning to the moment, simply we testify. or maybe we are not so separated from things. or maybe I'm telling myself stories. who knows ?


"It can be admitted that man was made just to be the beating heart and the awakened eye of the living universe. he is no longer that lonely uprooted upright being who stares at the universe form a place apart. » françois cheng, œil ouvert et cœur battant, 2016.







on the meaning we belive we create