11'57'', hd video, stereo, 2014

official selection festival lavoro in corti, torino, italy.

"i 've heard that man, long ago, even before the first story was written, painted a horse on the wall of a cave. some say that it's in this movement that everything is born : history, domestication, the end of the great fear. do you believe that, you ?"


filming an image in a remand center is not a free act, it was necessary to understand the issues, the dimensions it could for me. humanity and poetry. i deliberately erased any image relating to the detention because the important thing is not that this workshop took place in a remand center. all that matters is that it existed and permited men to get out of a daily reality to explore territory they did not know, to conquer the virtual (but real) freedom that is imagination.


馬 does not document the workshop itself. this is a free, personal approach, which is only the reflection of my own opinion, an essay. essay on what I saw, what I thought in contact with these men while they where painting, creating. this film is an attempt to reconcile spaces, real and virtual, fictionnal and documentarist, experiences and fantasies. it is a celebration of the human in his most inventive part, in what gives its nobility. this is a note from my experience during the workshop, personal readings and archaeological theories. all this is then mixed in a fresco where we can no longer determine whether it exists only in our imagination or it is a persistent reflection of a life that would have forgotten.




in partnership with the prison service of insertion of manche and the prison of coutances. in the culture/justice program in lower-normandy. support by interregional direction of prison services of rennes, the direction of cultural affairs of lower-normandy and the region lower-normandy, france.